Where Play is part of Learning, and Learning is to Play.

Alkimos Beach Early Learning Centre

The environment at our beautiful Centre is a stimulating one where children feel safe and supported in their explorations.

We recognise that each stage of development is a unique and valuable part of life and we provide opportunities for children to explore, question and gain experiences to maximize their growth and confidence.

Our focus is to create an environment where children and families feel a sense of “being, belonging and becoming”.

The whole Centre, both indoors and outdoors, was designed and created to ensure endless hours of fun, exploration, development and so much more.

About Us

Alkimos Beach Early Learning Centre is owned and operated by a local family that strives for excellence in all areas of the National Quality Framework.

We recognise that to learn and develop, a child must be in a secure and happy environment. Our rich learning program is enhanced by the support of warm, caring and well trained Educators to achieve our vision of igniting a passion in children to become lifelong learners.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to our beautiful Centre and hope that the learning journey your child is about to embark on with us, will be one that is filled with lifelong memories and momentous milestones.

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Parent Information

At our Centre we understand that the relationships we form with you, as parents, has a significant impact on your child’s happiness, well-being and success in learning.

One of our main aims is to work in partnership with our parents to ensure that we can better understand and respond to children’s individual needs and interests.

Every effort will be made to honour and value the interests, likes and opinions of each child and the richness of all the cultures within our Centre and the surrounding community.

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