Within our Centre we believe that children are confident and capable learners and we ensure that they have an environment that allows for them learn and grow at every possible opportunity.

Play is always the base of our teaching as children are able to show who they are in their most natural form when they are able to simply play in an environment that is rich with choice and also offers nature-based play.

We build our curriculum based on four important aspects – 1) that you as their parents/guardians are their first teachers, 2) that us as educators embrace being their second teachers, 3) that the environment is rich and presents itself as the third teacher and 4) that children have the right to express themselves in a multitude of ways and therefore we ensure that our educators create opportunities for this within our curriculum.

We follow the national curriculum for the early years which is the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and My Time Our Place (MYTOP) along with the National Quality Standards.

To stay connected and share your child’s learning journey with you we use a wonderful app called Storypark. This app not only allows us to brighten up a busy day at work with captured moments of your child at day care, but it also ensures that you, as parents, have a continuous involvement with your child’s learning and development.

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