Babies & Tiny Tots

At Alkimos Beach Early Learning Centre we appreciate and understand the level of trust that is put in us by families to care and nurture for your babies.  Our educators are not only chosen to work in our babies room for their nurturing personalities but also for their own expressed interest and love for the age group.

The program is carefully created to ensure that each individual babies needs are met through their need for sleep and rest, feeding and also learning and developing.  Daily activities are introduced to ignite interest and to stimulate brain development at your child’s individual pace.  Physical nurturing and care is paramount to ensure social skills are developed.

Our babies indoor and outdoor environment is designed to stimulate cognitive development, introduce hand-eye coordination and start to build on their physical development.

The environment is warm and homely to ensure the smoothest transition from home to day care while ensuring that opportunities for social interaction are continuously available.  Our indoor environment is separated into two rooms to allow for our little walkers to have the space they need to develop and strengthen their physical development.


Our outdoor environment has been designed to allow for endless hours of exploration while enjoying the natural elements of outdoor fun.

We look forward to welcoming you and your baby into our beautiful environment.



At Alkimos Beach Early Learning Centre we have created an environment for our Toddlers that offers opportunity for growth, development while having endless amounts of fun and exploration.  Our large outdoor environment offers each Toddler the opportunity to learn in a natural environment that is physically stimulating and allows for development in social and imaginative skills.

Our educators look forward to teaching your children the value of friendship, the importance of sharing and being social through taking part in group activities.  Each child’s unique set of skills and interests will be catered for through an educational program that is guided by play, fun filled exploration and development.  Your child’s learning journey will be shared with you continuously through daily conversations and also our amazing Kindy Hub App.

We look forward to welcoming you and your beautiful Toddler into our room and sharing wonderful moments filled with laughter, exploration and learning.


Our beautiful room has been designed with our Kindy children at heart.  We know that between the ages of three and five children’s inquisition and curiosity peaks and they are ready and able to absorb a multitude of information and apply it to their day to day development.  Their social skills start to really form as they start to develop friendships and their ways of playing change to more group focused and interactive play.

Our Educators are ready to provide your children with a program that is fun filled and exciting while at the same time preparing them for their next journey in learning; which is to go to school.   Our program focuses on the six areas of development including, language and literacy, numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical development, social and emotional and creative development in addition to this we also focus on the outcomes as outlined by our EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) and WA Kindergarten Curriculum.

The day includes learning through play while also allowing for routines and specific structure to help with their transition to “big school”.  Our curriculum planning is based on children’s interests and current set of skills, it includes parent voices and also intentional teaching which is observation-based assessments and documentation which is done on each individual child.


We share all this fun, learning and development with you through our Kindy Hub App which gives you direct access and allows for you to be a part of your child’s growth and development.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Kindy room and sharing a multitude of exciting moments with you.

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